Helix Verification Tool

Helix is very popular and because of this there is a lot of scam sites out there that look like helix but just steal your bitcoins. If you having a problems with helix check the url of the site you used and make sure it is actually the Official Helix URL http://grams.link/helix/light

Each Helix light is given a Helix Verify String, a signed message from our Offical Helix Verify Key. You can enter in the verification tool below (or your own pgp tool) to check the validity of your helix. Start with that the verify tool below for any helix light related problems.

Helix Light Recovery Tool

If only partial payment was received from a helix light, It is usually caused by sending more than one transaction to a helix light address. Even though we explicitly warn users about this on the Helix Light page, it seems to happen all the time. The tool below allows your to recover the missed transaction sent to a Helix light.

Before using this tool use the Helix Verification on the left to check your Helix Verify String!

  • Wait for all trans. sent to get 2 confirmations
  • Enter your Helix ID below
  • Grams searches for missed transactions
  • Recovered bitcoins are send to address from orginal Helix Light

For bitcoins to be to sent to a different address (not from the original helix) you must contact support!


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