Helix made simple.

Up to 5 addresses separated-with-dashes, e.g. address1-address2-address3

How works

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Send your dirty coins to the Helix address

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New, clean coins sent to your Bitcoin address

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1 transaction in, Many transactions out

The Helix Light system is very simple. Give us the address you want the bitcoins sent to. We give you an address to send them to. You have 8 hours to send 1 transaction between .02 and 21 bitcoins. Helix takes a 2.5% fee and sends you brand new coins.


Cleans coins in 30 minutes

After the intial transaction you send to Helix has 2 confirmations, the coins will be cleaned and sent back to you with 1 transaction immediately. The process can take up to 2 hours, but because of reserve clean coins, 95% of all helixes are sent with in 30 minutes.


No account needed

Unlike regular Helix you don't need to sign up for a Grams' account. This means no entry fee, no pgp key verification, and no link to you (even your online identity) at all. One-click random delay and randomized transactions buttons makes for simple, fast, and secure bitcoin cleaning.

You can trust


satisfied customers


cleaned to date


bitcoins lost

In June 2014, Grams released



Helix Light

, a market payment service with an integrated bitcoin tumbler. Before the coins are mixed they are also traded out for new ones. The site is also available on the clearnet via

Grams Flow


In August 2017, it was noted that an elaborate darknet phishing scam appeared as the top Google search result for "how to mix bitcoins", directing users to a fake version of the Grams Helix Light website that would steal their bitcoins.